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About Quantum

There is a massive SHIFT taking place on our planet RIGHT NOW – Have you noticed?


A lot of people are waking up! We’re starting to pay attention. We’re challenging the status-quo. We’re changing self-limiting patterns. We’re choosing to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. We are HEALING!


And Quantum is an established vortex designed to harness the energy of the shift.

If you’re interested in discovering your purpose, expanding your consciousness, and activating your highest potential, well.. look no further. Quantum Health & Wellness is THE PLACE TO BE for all things high frequency. 


We’re a family owned business created with the soul purpose of bringing inspiration and illumination to your life! What may be even more important than that, is that we offer a sense of belonging to anyone who’s searching for it. 


One of our primary goals is to create a large community of like-minded, like-hearted people. A tribe of inspired, and inspiring people that can elevate your vibration just by being around them! 


As a full-spectrum healing center, we know that one of the very best things we can offer you is the opportunity to learn.


That’s why we offer a variety of classes, workshops and training opportunities. We share our space with so many amazing teachers, incredible speakers, and renowned specialists that all have one thing in common – a passion for helping others to grow and evolve.


We host weekly yoga and fitness classes too, so make sure to check out our events page to see what’s happening!    


We have a great little retail store with all the things that make us feel good, in hopes they’ll make you feel good too. We love art, books, crystals, oracle cards, journals, incense, candles, and lots of other things! 


At Quantum, we're all about the mind, body & soul balance. So, if your soul is heavy and you're looking to elevate your vibe, stop by for some guidance and a hot cup of tea.  We'll help you get your shift  together.

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Lucia Light

As humans, we are beings of light, and all of our cells communicate through light (this is just being confirmed now by molecular biologists in the field of bio-photonics). 


The wide-spectrum solid and flickering light enters the body through the closed eyes, travels into the central brain (where the pineal gland is located) and continues through the whole body.

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