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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
with Erica Nunnally

A comprehensive Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour teaching immersion for those who wish to teach Yoga and for those who want to seriously deepen their practice. 


Six months of regular practice is recommended for entry into this program.

If you have been practicing less than that, but with intense commitment, please contact Program Director, Erica Nunnally, to discuss options.

This training will produce well-rounded, engaging, knowledgeable Yoga teachers. Upon completion of this training, you will have gained a toolkit of Yoga lessons on history, philosophy, anatomy and injury, safe sequencing, spirituality, energy, ethics, and business practices. Guest teachers will join our training at times.

This 200 hour training includes intense study of: asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation and other traditional yoga techniques. We will utilize demonstration, observation, assisting, and instruction to guide your understanding and mastery of the yoga techniques. You will spend a significant amount of time practicing teaching, observing others teach and hearing/giving feedback.

Although this training is primarily a vinyasa centered training, you will explore various styles of yoga as well as the history of Yoga. To understand better how yoga works, anatomy will be a large part of this training. Anatomy is the study of the internal workings of something. 

Anatomy is the study of the internal workings of something. We will study the mind, the body, and the spirit and how the state of each has a unique and direct impact on the student experience.

You will learn safe techniques to access and release tension from all three areas. Using your own experiences as a student, we’ll take a look at yoga lifestyle and discuss ethics for yoga teachers. Your non-contact hours will be met through required reading, field trips, observing classes, assisting yoga classes and your seva (selfless service) project.

2020-21 Training Dates
Saturdays & Sundays | 9:00 AM - 5:00  PM

Oct 2020
3rd - 4th

Nov 2020

7th - 8th

Dec 2020
5th - 6th

Jan 2021
2nd - 3rd

Feb 2021
6th - 7th

Mar 2021
6th - 7th

Apr 2021
3rd - 4th

May 2021
2nd - 3rd

Jun 2021
6th - 7th


Please set aside the following holiday Mondays for inclement weather make-up days: January 18 and February 15, 2021

Rates & Payment Plans

Early Registration
Total: $2,700.00 ($300.00 savings)


To receive the early registration discount, you must reserve your space with your contract and non-refundable deposit of $300.00 by July 15, 2020.


To be fair to the students who submitted on time, we will not honor any early bird savings past this date.


The remaining tuition will be charged in equal increments according to a schedule until paid in full.


Tuition must be paid in full by
April 1, 2021

General Registration
Total: $3,00.00 

To Regular Tuition - $3000. To hold your spot, the non-refundable deposit of $300 and the program contract are due by August 1, 2020.


The remaining tuition will be charged in equal increments automatically until tuition is paid in full.

If you would prefer to pay with cash or a check, we can make an arrangement with you.



Tuition must be paid in full by
April 1, 2021

Payment in Full
Total: $2,700.00 ($300.00 savings) 

If you would prefer to pay for the whole tuition in lump sum, you will receive a discount of $300.00; bringing your tuition total to $2700.



Tuition must be paid in full by August 1, 2020

What people are saying...


This training changed my life ... for good.


This training was such an amazing experience for me. It’s hard to put it into just need to experience it for yourself.


I don’t want to sound like a commercial; but training with Erica is a life changing experience. If you can, do it.


She is so instructional; thoughtful and respectful of where I am working.


 I joined this training because Erica took the time to listen to me. She just

‘gets’ it. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!