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Yoga Flow with Crystal Bowls


6:00 PM - 7:15 PM

The beautiful tones of crystal bowls will greet you on your mat as you begin your practice with meditation and pranayama.


You will be guided through a vinyasa style practice that will encourage you to listen to the whispers of your heart and allow you to follow your true path.


The sounds of crystal bowls will foster your complete and total relaxation in your final resting pose infused with positive energy of reiki.

$15.00 per class
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Gentle Yoga with Reiki

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Start your day by stepping on your mat to let your yoga practice nourish you. Meditation, breathing and moving your body will help you relax your mind and reduce your stress. Let your gentle yoga practice take you to a place of pure calmness & happiness.


As you finish your practice you will step off your mat feeling renewed and balanced ready to start your day. Reiki will also be offered if you would like to experience the beautiful gift of positive energy.  


$15.00 per class

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Yoga for Cancer

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Beginning April 1, 2020

Yoga class to benefit the needs of cancer patients, cancer survivors and the caregivers of cancer patients.  We will breathe, meditate and move our bodies together.  Our yoga practice will create clarity, improve focus, build strength and encourage deep relaxation while attending to the individual needs of all who have been affected by cancer.  As we yoga the systems of our bodies that make up our immune systems will positively be impacted.  Our Yoga For Cancer Class creates community and connection to offer support on your cancer journey.



$15.00 per class

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Flow & Restore with Crystal Bowls

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Beginning March 12, 2020

Begin your evening by stepping on your mat to unwind from a busy day.  We all begin to settle our minds with meditation and move to breathing to encourage mind body connection,  You will be guided through a vinyasa style practice to encourage movement though your whole body.  Towards the end of your practice we will settle into a few restorative yoga poses to encourage deep relaxation.  Crystal bowls will be playing as you relax & restore.  Our practice will end with our final resting pose of savasana with the positive energy of Reiki being offered. 



$15.00 per class

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Circuit Training

Check back next month for the new training schedule.

Join us at Quantum Health & Wellness Mondays at 6:00pm and Thursdays at 5:30pm for an hour of circuit training with lifelong athlete and extreme fitness enthusiast Kyle Frazier!


Circuit Training Stations Include:

  • Heavy Bag

  • Double end bag

  • Speed Bag

  • Jump Rope

  • Battle Ropes

  • Speed Ladder

  • Shadow Boxing

  • 1:1 Pad Work with Kyle


Never trained in this style before? Not a problem! This class is welcome to all levels - from novice to expert!

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