Aquamarine & Tanzanite pendant wrapped in sterling silver. 


Pendant Size: 1.75 inches 


Metaphysical beliefs about chosen stones 


Aquamarine is my go to stone in times of stress or overwhelm. It’s calming energy is thought to help to quiet a busy mind.

In ancient times aquamarine was believed to counteract the forces of darkness and procure favor from the spirits of light

.Aquamarine is a great stone for sensitives and empaths, and those who are easily overwhelmed by even simple life tasks (like going into a crowded Walmart, or grocery shopping on a busy day)


Tanzanite high vibrational energy is said to invite protection and safety when linking with higher realms - it allows for deep and profound meditation.

Tanzanite is particularly helpful in uniting the mind and heart, teaching one to live from a compassionate heart with an illumined mind.


Made with Love, Magic and a touch of Wizardry 


Aquamarine & Tanzanite Pendant