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Master Healer, soul reader,
and spiritual alchemist.

Kristin Johnston is, amongst many other things, a mission driven visionary. She’s a Master Healer, soul reader, and spiritual alchemist. In addition to her healing work, she is also a proud wife, mother, entrepreneur, writer, and artist.


As a creative and inquisitive soul, Kristin grew up with a natural affinity for the arts, and a deep desire to understand the mysterious aspects of our universe. Her rebellious and non-conformist attitude may have led her down some uneventful life-paths. However, in learning to navigate and transcend those less than illuminated roads, she has developed a strong desire to be a guiding light in service to anyone still walking in the darkness. She is a Reiki Master, certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Crystal Bowl Sound Healer, and gem and mineral enthusiast.


True to her leadership spirit, Kristin made the decision to leave high-school early in her sophomore year, with the belief that she would benefit more from home-schooling herself than she would from attending public school. Ever since she made that decision, she has been on her own spiritual journey, seeking answers to life’s deepest questions.


At the age of 21, her inquisitive nature combined with a desperate desire to heal from an addiction led her to an energy medicine mystery school where she studied for three years, returning for a fourth year as a teacher’s assistant. Since finishing her schooling, Kristin has been on a continuing quest for knowledge and wisdom, consistently acquiring new and innovative ways to transform herself, and to assist others who are on a journey of personal growth and spiritual development. She loves nothing more than to inspire people to live from their highest, most authentic self, and to create their most fulfilling lives.  


Kristin sits as a board member, and co-founder, of The Parker Fund non-profit organization; a fund dedicated to assisting those who have been affected by the on-going opiate epidemic. She takes part in managing Wildfire Women’s Collective, a conscious-minded women’s group that meets monthly to empower, inspire, and awaken one another. She also owns and operates Empyreal Ink Tattoo and Art Gallery with her husband Mike Johnston. Kristin is also working now to finish her first self-help/spiritual book.




Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Laurie Frazier is the co-founder and manager of Quantum Health and Wellness. After a lifetime of lackluster jobs and working in corporate America, she finally made the decision and personal commitment to herself to pursue her own dreams of entrepreneurship.

Laurie and her husband Bruce have been married 34 years. While they tried to maintain their own passions for sports and wellness, they spent most of their earlier years - like many
parents - lovingly raising their family, and letting their own personal passions slip by the wayside.

After letting their own health practices slip, both Laurie and Bruce experienced some health set-backs that caused them to re-evaluate their lifestyle and welcome in new practices for self-care.

After a recent hospital stay, Laurie came to a moment of epiphany where she realized once and for all that she was no longer going to let her life pass her by. It was now or never for her to create the life she always dreamt of. Opening Quantum Health and Wellness is the proverbial equivalent of writing the next chapter in her book of life. 

After leaving corporate America last fall, she was able to spend a lot of time with her daughter, a master healer and expert in the field of energy medicine, and her granddaughter whose abundant love could transform the hearts of even the most closed off individuals.

The time she spent with them reignited a spark in her to take care of herself, to create a fulfilling life, and to prove to anyone, that if she can do it, absolutely anybody can.

Bruce and Laurie’s two children, Kyle and Kristin, both inherited their parents' love for athletics and physical fitness. Now the four of them, along with Kristin’s husband Mike, join together as a family to create an epic center of wellness for their surrounding communities and for anyone seeking to experience peace, joy, and happiness in their lives.




Lifelong athlete, Sports Enthusiast, Fitness Coach

Kyle Frazier is a lifelong athlete who discovered his passion for sports at an early age. He has an enthusiasm and passion for fitness and sports. He has excelled in organized athletics like soccer, hockey, and baseball - two of which he continues to play today. 


Kyle has a passion and a natural talent for teaching others. He focuses much of his efforts on teaching children and young adults the importance of physical fitness and how to appreciate the comradery that results from being a member on a team.


After the loss of his best friend, Nathan Parker, Kyle founded The Parker Fund 501c3. He currently sits as the president of the non-profit organization created to assist those effected by the current opiate epidemic. After losing Nate, Kyle has vowed to inspire the greatness within others and to make the most out of his own life experience.


Kyle has spent a great deal of his time in different sales and managerial positions for several retail companies, and now is embarking upon his own entrepreneurial venture as co-founder and owner at Quantum Health & Wellness.


Kyle leads a boxing style circuit training weekly at Quantum and will also be offering private coaching sessions for adults and children looking to advance themselves in the areas of sports and fitness.