The Quantum Team
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Kristin Johnston is, amongst many other things, a mission driven visionary. She’s a Master Healer, soul reader, and spiritual alchemist. In addition to her healing work, she is also a proud wife, mother, entrepreneur, writer, and artist.


Kristin Johnston

Master Healer, Soul Reader & Spiritual Alchemist

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Laurie Frazier is the co-founder and manager of Quantum Health and Wellness. After a lifetime of lackluster jobs and working in corporate America, she finally made the decision and personal commitment to herself to pursue her own dreams of entrepreneurship.


Laurie Frazier

Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Health & Wellness Enthusiast

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Kyle Frazier is a lifelong athlete who discovered his passion for sports at an early age. He has an enthusiasm and passion for fitness and sports. He has excelled in organized athletics like soccer, hockey, and baseball - two of which he continues to play today. 


Kyle Frazier

Fitness Trainer, Health & Wellness Enthusiast